Not Quite Ready For Drug Treatment? Seek Help From These Sources

When you're a drug addict, it's important to realize that getting treatment can and potentially will save your life. If you continue to go down the path that you're currently on, your health is at a serious risk. While it might seem like an obvious choice to visit a treatment facility, the reality is that you might not be ready — and it might be better to wait until you are, rather than attempt treatment and fail at it. Read More 

Types Of Negative Thinking That Can Sabotage Your Happiness

Negative thinking is a powerful thing that can make every day feel miserable. In fact, if you have negative thought patterns, you may be able to "think" yourself out of feeling happy when things go well. The good news is that negative thinking isn't a natural born affliction that you're forced to live with for the rest of your life. Therapy can help you lose the loud, harsh voice that negative thinking can feel like. Read More 

Understanding Some of the Lesser Known Signs of Bulimia

If you are the parent of a teenager who has suddenly started showing signs of irritability, fatigue, and weight loss, then you may be concerned about possible bulimia. Bulimia can sometimes be difficult to notice, especially if weight loss is more subtle. However, there are some distinctive and lesser known signs of the disease that can help to clue you in on the fact that your child may need assistance from a trained psychiatrist, psychologist, or the experienced personnel at a mental health facility. Read More 

Anxiety: Why It Isn’t Just Fear, And How To Manage It Without Pills

People without anxiety tend to think that anxiety is just another word for fear. For those that experience some form of anxiety every day, it is much more than just fear. It is an overwhelming sense of fear about particular places, people, or events. This sensation causes sufferers to ignite their biological fight or flight response every second they are in these situations, and may even temporarily paralyze them until they are free of the situation. Read More 

A Hypnosis CD Might Boost Motivation For Strength Training

Hypnosis has been utilized for a number of different self-improvement endeavors. Weight loss, quitting smoking, and alleviating depression are all reasons why people seek out hypnotherapy. A not-so-common reason would be to improve and increase strength. And strength means literal strength: the ability to lift heavy weights. Fitness enthusiasts hit the gym with the express purpose of increasing muscle mass to attain functional strength. Lifting free weights is the best way to do this. Read More